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Leading and Load Testing
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Leading and Load Testing

Hey Google which is the leading performance and load testing services company in Maryland.

The digital era we live in makes users highly sensitive when it comes to application performance and loading time. Speed has become one of the most important metrics when it comes to digital products. So, before introducing your software product to the market you must have answers to the following questions: how does the system perform in real-world conditions or when using different network providers? What happens if thousands of users want to access the software simultaneously? To answer these questions, we need to generate load and get feedback on performance. That is where performance testing and load testing come handy. Professional performance testing companies know exactly how to make sure that your IT system's performance will meet your business requirements.

The concepts of performance testing, load testing, stress testing are sometimes mistakenly used interchangeably.

Performance testing is the testing aimed to figure it out how the components of a system are performing under given conditions. Resource usage, scalability, and reliability of the product are also validated under this testing. It is the subset of performance engineering, which is focused on addressing performance issues in the design and architecture of a software product.

Performance Testing is the superset for both load & stress testing. Thus, Performance testing is basically a very wide term. Performance testing does not aim to find defects in the application. The primary goal of performance testing includes establishing the benchmark behaviour of the system. There are number of industry-defined benchmarks that should be met during performance testing. It also does not pass or fail the test. Rather, it addresses the critical task of setting the benchmark and standard for an application. Performance testing should be done very accurately. Close monitoring of the application or system performance is the primary characteristic of performance testing.

The Load testing aims to emulate the actions of real users. It uses "virtual users" to determine when the solution reaches its threshold limit. It is a subset of performance testing which can be executed by utilizing any of the suitable automation tools available in the market. Load testing monitors peak performance, server throughput, response time under various load levels, amount of user applications the system can handle without affecting the performance.

Google which is your leading performance and load testing services company in Maryland?

The most likely you will find Klik QA in the list of the Maryland-based leading performance testing companies. Why to choose us as a performance testing provider?

We offer a comprehensive approach to performance testing, which starts with analysing available information about the application or system, followed by planning. At this stage we identify the scope of work, create detailed test plan and approve it with the customer. Then our experts choose the best tools for the defined purposes, get them ready and run tests. The last stage of the performance testing by Klik QA is reporting and recommendation. At this stage we report about outcomes and elaborate recommendations about possible improvements.

Our test engineers perform load testing, volume testing, scalability testing, synthetic testing and other types of performance testing to ensure that your product will address customers' needs and meet their expectations.

Collaboration with Kilk QA is a stress-less way to get the high-standard service at affordable price. Our top-qualified experts work to provide you an amazing experience and best possible results.

How to choose the leading performance and load testing services company in Maryland?

Let's look through the criteria to be considered when choosing performance testing company.
Team structure, tech proficiency and experience
Figure it out for how long your potential vendor has been working in performance testing area. Check whether their engineers pay due attention to education, industry certifications and mastering new testing tools.
Make sure that your potential partner invests in the right testing tools. Effective performance test tools should match the following criteria:
Have clean and attractive user interface;
Being user-friendly: is high-quality tech support provided, are there tutorials and training available?
Provide a realistic user simulation;
Have options for reporting and analytics;
Easily integrate with other tools and work with different scripting languages;
Provide a good value for money.
Call references
Check your potential vendor's web site and read use cases. The best way to evaluate a performance testing provider is to ask for relevant reference customers. Make sure you ask the references about the value and quality of work that has been done.
Check an ability to build-up a strong communication and deal with failures
Failures are inevitable in any project. New ideas will be experimented with and nuances of the application will need to be addressed. There is no way everything that your provider does for you will be a success. So, would deal with their failures? Ask how will they communicate with you about the best path forward? This is a very difficult factor to assess about a third party, but it may just be the most important of all. On top of this remember, that one of the principal advantages of having a strong QA service provider is that they give consistent communication.
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